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Q & A

Which form of Pilates is better – matwork or machine-based/studio?
Both forms teach the same kinds of exercises. Machine-based Pilates is taught individually so can effectively address specific imbalances or injuries. Classes give an overall workout to maintain or improve general health.

Which is better for me – Pilates or yoga?
Both practices aim at correcting posture and improving strength, flexibility, body awareness and concentration.  If you are fit and active, Yoga will help you stretch and relax stiff and aching muscles. If you need to improve mobility and strength or have specific postural imbalances, Pilates will correct your body gradually and efficiently.

How often do I need to attend sessions to benefit?
You will feel some benefit after the first session, but there is a cumulative effect: the more you do, the more you learn and assimilate forever. To achieve long-lasting effects, you need to come regularly. Research shows that exercising three times a week provides the best training effect, but one or two weekly sessions also show good results. As with learning a language, the more you practise, the more fluent you become.

What happens if I book a course and then have to miss one or more sessions?
Please contact the relevant teacher if the information is not on the web page.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes, ideally close to the body so the teacher can see you perform the exercises. No trainers are needed. Please wear socks for Pilates.

Do I need to buy any special equipment?
No, all equipment is provided by the teachers.

I haven’t exercised for a while, where do I start?
Pilates, mat or machine-based, and Gyrotonic® are ideal, as they all teach body awareness and strengthen the body gradually.

What our clients say:

Pilates and Yoga Classes

“I have been attending Murielle’s classes for over eight years, first doing Pilates and then moving on to yoga. I have improved my posture and core strength, stabilised an arthritic knee and cured a frozen shoulder, and generally find I am calmer and have more energy. I would highly recommend Murielle’s classes. They are great fun and I look forward to them every week.”
Josephine Lalwan

"Yoga is the perfect complement to rowing. By stretching, strengthening the core and working on balance, I now have a much better posture in my boat. I just wish I had started 20 years ago and avoided the lower back pain that brought me to Murielle in the first place!"
Sophia Supple

Pilates Studio: Dominique Christou

"I started taking Pilates classes on the special apparatus with Dominique in April 2006.  This was very effective in dealing with past injuries, and since then has been very valuable in addressing other health issues.  The exercises she has instructed me in have also improved my appearance and although the years are passing I still look good in a bikini.   Dominque is a very attentive, caring and professional instructor who tailors an exercise programme to suit your personal needs. As well as conducting her own classes Murielle efficiently runs a friendly and welcoming studio that offers a good variety of courses, which is a great asset in our area."
Alison Muir Bennett


“Jane makes you beautiful. I have been coming to her since June 2007. I am taller (two centimetres of a very stiff spine are now available to me again). I am stronger, but with a beautiful length and elegance. My posture, and my postural awareness are slowly but surely becoming second nature and for those who say that beauty comes from within, you will never fail to leave with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.” 
Joanna Birks

"Through being tall and having bad posture, I have been struggling with back pain for many years, and have tried many ways to fix it, including a lot of physio, chiro, sports massage, etc; all of which unfortunately only provide temporally relief at best.  The gyrotonics sessions with Jane have not only provided quick relief during the sessions but also have begun to treat the problem by working and stretching the whole back, abdomen, as well as legs to improve posture and lengthen the spine.  Jane has a great understanding the body’s mechanics and can quickly identify the cause of a problem. It’s a great addition to my exercise routine too."
Matt Kelly

Active Birth Yoga

''The active birth yoga classes gave me the confidence to take control of my own body and prepared me for labour and delivery.  They taught me effective ways of coping using positioning, movement, breathing and relaxation, along with many more strategies for both labour and birth. I really think that I had such an efficient birth due to what I learned and developed in the classes and found the support and advice invaluable. Thank you for helping me to achieve what was a most amazing experience.''
Helen Vorley

“Natalie's Active Birth Yoga prepared me physically and mentally for giving birth. It was absolutely the best thing I did for myself during pregnancy.”
Rosalind Parr

“The highlight for my pregnant week was time spent in Natalie’s class where I had time to remember I was pregnant and ponder the significance, something that wouldn’t happen ordinarily when juggling my work and family life. Preparing for labour is a mental challenge and Natalie’s Active Birth practice was the perfect forum to get me on the right wavelength. With relaxing and relieving stretches and poses, informal antenatal tutorials, contraction simulations and “labour-saving” techniques followed by cake, tea and chat, Natalie’s classes were a real pleasure.  A relaxed and easy homebirth was very much thanks to them – Thank you!!!”
Kat Graham

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